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Health Concierge – Providing advice and assistance

when you need medical treatment

Health Concierge offers a full range of global medical facilitation services that are tailored to the unique needs
of our members, no matter where they are in the world. We help employees and employers get access to the right
medical care; be it in the country the employee is located in, the employee's home country, or in another
country that offers the right medical facilities. Contact us for advice and support.

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Navigate healthcare systems

Leverage our international and local medical expertise

Dedicated Support available in 29 languages

Our multilingual consultants are on hand to help you get the healthcare you need at the right time, in the right location, and at the right cost.

Tailored healthcare management and advice

Access a wide range of medical support and coordination services.

Our Health Concierge services

The healthcare landscape is becoming increasingly complex; the range of treatment options available is expanding rapidly and the cost of treatment is rising quickly. We focus on supporting employees in their quest to navigate the complex healthcare landscape by ensuring they have full access to medical system information and get appropriate treatment at a reasonable cost.

The majority of the employees we support are expats, many of whom face a number of unique challenges in their quest to make the most informed healthcare decisions in a country far away from home. Finding the right treatment options in your preferred language and in a foreign country with high treatment costs – all while navigating a healthcare system that is structured differently from what you are used to back at home – can be a real test.

To help you navigate foreign healthcare systems with peace of mind, our global team of consultants endeavor to provide unrivaled assistance in every step of your healthcare journey.

Customized medical case management

Recommendations, management, and on-going support for your medical treatment journey.

Second medical opinion

Explore all of your treatment options to make the most informed decision.

Healthcare information and guidance

Our experts are available to help you navigate unfamiliar healthcare systems.

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